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                       “the willingness to live your life as though everything is a miracle . . .

                            with the belief that at any moment,

                               something wonderful is about to happen.”


                                           – Madeleine Kay

                                               Living Serendipitously keeping the wonder alive

Joseph Campbell said that all of us really crave just one thing . . .

                                         ̶  we want to feel REALLY alive!

Serendipity is often called "a happy accident."

                            It's not an accident at all!

                                 It's something we create and make happen by our

                                         response to being alive!

an ability inside each one of us, that elicits, finds and

responds to the best life has to offer

a rejoicing in the unknown, the untried, the new, the unexpected

. . . always expecting the best

that power in us that creates order out of chaos, possibility out of

potential . . . and reality out of possibility

that magical je ne sais quoi that calls forth, attracts and magnetizes to us all that we want, love, care about and desire

the organizing principal that designs, directs and creates

the life we want

Want to bring some magic into someone's life . . . into your life  . . .

right now - today?

step outside the box

do the unusual


      the zany . . . the unexpected . . . the unknown . . . 

      the longed for . . . the lingering enchantment of the past . . . 

      the magical promise of NOW . . . the ripeness of this moment!

                      Don't just go through the motions of living  ̶

Make your life extraordinary by doing something unexpected!

Make this day extraordinary by doing something different . . . 


Something new

   Something unexpected

      Something scary

         Something exciting

            Something relaxing

               Something wonderful

I did it! I've had Serendipity Day declared an official holiday!

It is now celebrated worldwide annually on August 18th . . .

and I am inviting you to join in celebrating

The Official Serendipity Day Holiday!

Dare to come alive and do something you don't usually do . . . or do something differently than you usually do it . . . and experience the thrill of serendipity . . . the ripeness of the moment.

We have holidays to celebrate everything and everyone else . . . Serendipity Day is a holiday to celebrate YOU  ̶  a day to celebrate your "you"ness . . . your aliveness . . . your "yes"ness to Life . . . your sheer, unadulterated joy of being alive!

On August 18th You are invited . . .

Dare to Dream!

    Expect the Best!

        Celebrate Life!

            Live Serendipitously!

To live serendipitously and celebrate your aliveness!

To invite others to live serendipitously!

To live richly . . . openly . . . succulently!

To unleash your enthusiasm and make this day extraordinary!

 Serendipity Day is a Holiday That Gives You Permission to . . .



My name is Madeleine Kay . . .

Called "The Serendipity Lady,"

I'm on a mission 

to help as many people as possible

make serendipity a part of their every day life . . .

           to recognize it . . . appreciate it . . . look for it . . . celebrate it . . .

and most of all . . . to expect serendipity in their lives!

 Serendipity Is . . .

On Serendipity Day, You are invited to . . .

      Dare to seize the Moment!

      Dare to Unleash Your Enthusiasm!

      Dare to feel Really alive!

      Dare to Make this Day Extraordinary!

Learning about serendipity is fun!

Living serendipitously id "funner"!

Sharing serendipity is "the funnest"!

. . . so invite everyone you know to celebrate and

Live Serendipitously!!!

And August 18th is just the beginning of a celebration that will eventually include . . .

A zany, fun special Serendipity Dance called "The Serendip" ̶  which will

be available soon on YouTube

Videos from all of you doing your own unique version of The Serendip

A deliciously exhilarating special Serendipity Song  ̶  coming soon

Serendipity Tips for you and Serendipity Cards to share serendipity with others

to help them celebrate

Serendipity Day and living serendipitously

and other 'fun stuff" to be announced . . . 

So, Get Ready to Jumpstart Your LIfe!

     Because beginning August 18th, you commit to . . .

  •  live serendipitously

  •  feel really alive  ̶  whatever that means to you

  •  luxuriate in the quiet repose of time for yourself 

  •  face one of your fears  

  •  make a new friend 

  •  contact that person you've been longing to

  •  do the thing that calls to you

  •  be who you know you are meant to be

Serendipity Day is a celebration of life . . . of you . . . of your aliveness!

20th Century monk and writer, Thomas Merton, wrote "Life is not a problem to be solved,

but a mystery to be lived."

   On August 18th . . . 

you are invited to live the mystery -

   to welcome serendipity into your life . . .

   and to introduce it into the lives of others!

on August 18th . . . Live Serendipitously and


Celebrate Serendipity Day!

Copyright © 2010 by Madeleine Kay

All Rights Reserved

I invite you to download a FREE copy of The Serendipity Handbook to help you

bring more serendipity into your life and enjoy Serendipity Day!

Yes . . . I want more serendipity in my life!

Please send me my FREE Serendipity Handbook now!

Do something totally unexpected and wonderful on Serendipity Day . . . like . . .

  • something anonymously philanthropic

  • taking a big step toward that dream you've been harboring

  • helping someone take the big step toward realizing their dream

  • acting silly

  • stepping out of your comfort zone . . . and into the unknown

  • telling everyone you love that you love them

  • contacting a long lost friend, lover,acquaintance

  • making a new friend

  • a random act of kindness

Get Ready To . . .

    Celebrate Serendipity Day!

Serendipity is . . .

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